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Mini car cordless vacuum cleaner
Mini car cordless vacuum cleaner
45.65 $

Mini car cordless vacuum cleaner

Mini car cordless vacuum cleaner
Mini car cordless vacuum cleaner
Mini car cordless vacuum cleaner
Mini car cordless vacuum cleaner

Huge performance in a small tool! Such a high suction power is rare among the handheld vacuum cleaners currently on the market! The power of the vacuum cleaner can be up to 120W! Plus, you don’t have to deal with tangled cables and think about whether you can reach to clean the trunk. Our model’s wireless built-in battery ensures you can vacuum up an entire car with it.

A visit to a car wash is often associated with long lines, costs, and a dirty vacuum cleaner that a lot of people use to vacuum their cars. Cleaning with such a vacuum cleaner is unhygienic and leaves a lot of bacteria, so a portable vacuum cleaner is the perfect solution.

The internal HEPA filter prevents the smallest dust from being blown out, disinfects the air passing through it, and also protects the device's motor from damage. Thanks to the filter, the vacuum cleaner does not lose its power and its suction power is constant. The filter is easy to remove and wash under running water, allowing it to be reused.

The vacuum cleaner works well both in the car and at home, such as on the couch or to pick up small dirt anywhere. You can quickly clean your home without having to take out a classic vacuum cleaner.

The practical storage bag with handle allows the vacuum cleaner to be conveniently stored and transported with all the accessories in the kit.

Once the battery is low, connect it to a power source (with the included USB cable), it can be a car charger, laptop or AC charger.

The place where all the dirt accumulates is transparent, which means you can see when it needs to be emptied. As a result, the vacuum cleaner will never be clogged. To remove the tank, press the button on the vacuum cleaner that releases the lock, remove the filter, clean it, then replace and close the tank.

The vacuum cleaner can be used in both wet and dry conditions.

Package Contents:

- handheld vacuum cleaner

- carrying case

- 3 different nozzles

- crack cleaner

- brush

- extension tube

- cable


type: cyclone - no dust bag

power: 120W

power supply: USB

speed: 29000-31000rpm

Battery: 2000mAh

dimensions (length / height): 35 / 11cm

cable length: 100cm

weight: 0.5kg

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45.65 $
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