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Debit/Credit Card Payment
During the online payment, the customer will transfer from the Simplepay's secure paying page from the webshop's payment page after the information requested for the order is provided, where it is necessary to specify the card information required for payment. The dealer is unaware of the data content of the Simplepay paying page, as it is an independent and protected website. What to pay attention to when paying? About payment by credit card For cardholders, web pay, as well as payment at a traditional POS terminal. Today, Maestro credit card can be paid on the Internet. For details, please contact your issuer bank. Card companies protect the interests of the cardholders, so if you buy by a card and fail to perform, you can enforce your complaint in the complaint given to the issuer's bank, which you will receive the money. The 3-digit verification code in the card's signature panel is used to identify cardholders, which are called CVC2 or CVV2 (the 3-digit verification code can be found after the card number and the last four digits). Please handle this code with the same care as the PIN! Safety good advice It increases security by requireing an SMS service from your bank, which will result in immediately notification of changes in the account. Please never specify your four -digit PIN code used for cash withdrawals or purchases, or make sure that your card number and card expiration date will not be released to the unauthorized person! Always sign out from the web page after your purchase and payment! This is especially important for a computer that others use. To protect your data, we recommend buying from your own machine, avoiding public internet cafes and otspots! Please pay close attention to e-mail reconciliation, as it is becoming increasingly common in Western Europe and the United States that unauthorized e-mail is trying to cheat data. If you are asking you to update your data - even merchants where you have already purchased - be careful, as they may be unauthorized on behalf of the trader. In such cases, please contact the trader as usual to check the sender. Further suspicions may also be given if you receive a letter on too favorable offer, a prize draw, or the cancellation of a never -or -you -have. Card companies do not contact cardholders directly via email or phone! If you receive an e-mail or phone call on behalf of card companies informing you that your credit card details have been obtained, please do not provide your details or immediately notify your card issuer. Purchase on the Internet One of the benefits of buying web is that you can easily compare the prices of similar products so that you can easily and quickly select the best offer for you. Before ordering, especially on the first order, please check the information on the webshop (how long the company is considered reliable, the mandatory prescribed general contact details, such as address, telephone number). Internet companies in order to protect their customers incorporate a number of security features into their web stores. Safety logos (eg MasterCard SecureCode) or other encryption on the website eg. Each SSL codes indicates that the Internet trader has taken the necessary steps to make a safe online shopping. The URL is encrypted by the "https" and the padlock icon in the lower right corner of the page or the key icon in the lower left corner, which will see security certificates. Save or print your order, your payment confirmation, the information provided at the time of payment, and the product guide to the goods ordered at each purchase. It is advisable to read the terms and conditions of the webshop when ordering, because if you have quality problems, it is useful for the product or service you have ordered if you know how long you can comply with, under what conditions you can withdraw your order, and when and how to get your money back.
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