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Magsafe wireless magnetic iPhone charger
Magsafe wireless magnetic iPhone charger
27.88 $

Magsafe wireless magnetic iPhone charger

Magsafe wireless magnetic iPhone charger
Magsafe wireless magnetic iPhone charger

All you have to do is put your device in the wireless charging station and you're charging! You no longer have to bother with cables, connectors, and other fuss about traditional charging. It's complete freedom!

Convenient iPhone charging - with an extremely high power of up to 15 W - is now especially enjoyable for iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 owners. Designed specifically for these models, the MagSafe charger has a magnetic setting that keeps the phone in an ideal position. However, the charger is also compatible with the Qi standard, so you can conveniently charge not only older iPhone models, but also other brands of smartphones or AirPods. Megsale includes a charging cable with USB-C connector. The reported 15W power is only available with the 20W Apple adapter, which must be purchased separately, with another adapter still great, 10 watts of power.

- Charging distance is less than 5 mm.
-Can be used for cordless phones.
-Eltrathin, compact and very light. < / span>

- Elegant minimalist design

Product Details:
-Input power: DC 5V / 3A, DC 9V / 2.2A
-Output power: 5W / 7.5W / 10W / 15W
-Charging distance: 5 mm

- 15W charger combined with 20W Apple adapter

The charger is primarily designed for the Apple iPhone 12 series, but is also compatible with phones that have a Magsafe case.

In any case, find out if your device is capable of receiving Qi Wireless charging by default or if you need a separate external accessory! Compatibility includes any device that supports Qi wireless charging in any form, but does not guarantee that your device will be able to handle this feature!
Package includes charging cable only.

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27.88 $
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