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AlphaOne Reversing Radar with 4 Sensors - If you don't have a reversal or just want to be sure.
AlphaOne Reversing Radar with 4 Sensors - If you don't have a reversal or just want to be sure.
28.22 $

AlphaOne Reversing Radar with 4 Sensors - If you don't have a reversal or just want to be sure.

Protect your car from parking damage. Reversing Radar can be easily installed at home. Not only does the device sound an alarm, you can see the distance on the display!

  • This handy not only makes parking easier but safer

  • You'll benefit from parking or reversing

  • has 2 sensors for perfect security

  • Protects against obstacles that would go unnoticed when reversing

  • Reduces the risk of accidents and minor stuttering due to reversing errors

  • It has a clear color display that can accurately read the distance of an obstacle up to an inch

  • A thickening beep warns of the presence of an obstacle

"You need to be able to park!" Many people say it, but the situation is quite different these days. Thanks to modern technology, we can now rely on various equipment to facilitate everyday but very important things, such as parking.

Don't feel the car yet? Are you reluctant to let someone else drive, park with him? Were you afraid of injuries to your car during the ax-covered parking lots? Then this offer is for you!

Here's the 2-sensor parking radar, with which you can keep your car completely safe! The parking radar will indicate when you are moving too close to the car's tail, the wall, a pillar, and other obstacles behind you.

In high city traffic, you need to make quick decisions and park fast! You don't have time to stare and position yourself for minutes! Don’t get in an awkward position; parking should be quick and easy for you and of course accident free! All you need for this is a 2-sensor parking radar. Park with confidence!

Highly recommended for both novice legal drivers and "over-routine" drivers!

With built-in beeper (speaker), distance indicator (M-Meter), and LED side indicator (L - Left, R - Right scaling). New, Universal, so it can be used in any vehicle (12V), Professional parking radar system, for cars, trucks, buses, paired with easy installation.

  • Frost and waterproof 2-sensor reversing radar. With digital LED display and beep

  • Helps make family and pedestrians safer.

  • Detects both people and the low wall.

  • The product detects between 0.2M and 2.5M.

  • The sensors come in a variety of colors, but can be painted in a thin layer with a good quality, non-metallic paint.


  • 2 ultrasonic sensors

  • Digital LED distance display

  • Distance display (meters, centimeters)

  • Left and right obstacle distinction

  • Four-color distance marker

  • Three-level beep alert

Accessories :

  • 1 x Control box

  • 2 x Sensor

  • 1 x LED display.

  • 1 x Power cord

  • 1 x Drill bit

  • 2 x Self-adhesive grips

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28.22 $
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