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Ergo 304 whisk mixer
Ergo 304 whisk mixer
50.30 $

Ergo 304 whisk mixer

Ergo 304 whisk mixer
Ergo 304 whisk mixer
Ergo 304 whisk mixer

Have a cream soup!

The ergonomically designed hand mixer provides convenient and safe handling when mixing. The powerful, yet quiet, seamless 100W motor with the two turbo mixers gives the best results when whipping and mixing. Two stable kneading hooks help you develop a sparse and dense dough, and five different speeds allow you to always reach your desired goal.

If required, the clicker patent system allows the mixer to be equipped with a quick-beat and quick-mix foot made of heat-resistant plastic. Do you need to mix the soup together to enhance its creamy consistency?

The mixer is easy to maintain and its accessories can be washed in any dishwasher. You can simply snap out the whisk and kneading paddles at any time with the separate button.

7-speed new mini 200W electric hand blender mixing kitchen utensil
Feature: egg beat, whipped cream, paste

Size: 180mm * 300mm

Capacity: 2L

Power: 200W

220V / 50Hz

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50.30 $
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