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Therapeutic massage device
Therapeutic massage device
97.21 $

Therapeutic massage device

Therapeutic massage device
Therapeutic massage device
Therapeutic massage device
Therapeutic massage device
Therapeutic massage device
Therapeutic massage device

  • Massage mattress with remote control

  • Heatable, so great for cold days!

  • Do you work every day, do some homework after work, do everything you can to make everything the best at home, but who cares?

  • Can be fastened with straps, chairs and more.

  • You also need relaxation, relaxation, in the rush of everyday life, otherwise you can fall victim to everyday stress over the years, which will deplete your reserve energies both physically and mentally. .

  • Fill up with this multifunctional massage mattress!

  • You can conveniently change the strength of each body area, even during a massage, with the remote control, or adjust the back-waist warmer from here.

  • Vibration massage increases blood circulation, relaxes muscles and the nervous system, and calms the body and soul, stimulating regeneration and self-healing processes. < / span>

  • Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine, wrote as early as the fifth century that "a doctor must be experienced in many things, but especially in massage. ... massage can bind a joint that is too loose and loosen a joint that is too tight "

  • Massage also functions as a kind of "replacement heart", as it improves circulation and metabolic processes, helps to remove toxins accumulated due to a sedentary lifestyle and stress. organization.


  • Easy to set up, easy to use

  • Comfort with remote control

  • Practical and easy to roll up

  • Variable intensity, speed

  • Heated

  • Massage type: Paida massage


  • 1 Handheld Remote

  • 1 Massage Mattress

  • 1 AC Charger

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97.21 $
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