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Corpus smart bracelet in silver

Corpus smart bracelet in silver
Corpus smart bracelet in silver
Corpus smart bracelet in silver

Heart Rate / Blood Pressure / Blood Oxygen Level / Activity Monitor to keep track of our daily activities!

Whether it's walking, training, health or sleep, the armband continuously records data that you can view on your smartphone via the fitness app. In addition to the steps you take, you can monitor your heart rate and calories burned with the device, and its outstanding features include blood pressure and blood oxygen monitoring.

Reminder and alert features: Make everyday life easier with adjustable reminder time, idle monitor, incoming call notification, and loss and device search features.

Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Measurement

One of the most accurate heart rate and blood pressure fitness armbands. Its dual optical sensors take two measurements at the same time and give an accurate result of 92-96% when compared to the biometric data provided in the application.

You can use the sensors integrated in the back of the smart bracelet to measure your heart rate - select this measurement by tapping and tapping on the bracelet display, approx. It takes 10-12 seconds to complete the measurement.

It also has a sphygmomanometer function that gives the result in Hgmm on the bracelet. To measure blood pressure, after attaching, we need to turn the bracelet so that the sensors are on the inside of our wrist and then measure our blood pressure by illuminating and scanning the blood vessels.

Activity and Performance Measurement

You can accurately measure calories burned, steps taken, and distance traveled while running or training, which you can instantly sync with the app.

Smart Notifications

In addition to the call and SMS display, the smart bracelet also notifies you of notifications from popular social networking sites, chat apps, and email apps. It is very useful to display the first 30 characters of text in messages and mail.
Supported applications: Facebook, Gmail, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, Skype


  • Color OLED display

  • Heart rate measurement

  • Blood pressure measurement (Hgmm)

  • Blood oxygen level measurement

  • Pedometer

  • Calories burned

  • Distance traveled

  • Accurate time display

  • Sleep Monitor

  • Vibrating Call / SMS alert

  • Notifications (fluid intake, medication, appointment, etc.)

  • Phone Camera Control

  • Alarms, alarms

50% more powerful battery for longer life.

Package Contents:

  • 1 W5 smart bracelet

  • 1 special charger

  • 1 user guide

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