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Magnus smart bracelet - red
Magnus smart bracelet - red
43.45 $

Magnus smart bracelet - red

Magnus smart bracelet - red
Magnus smart bracelet - red
Magnus smart bracelet - red
Magnus smart bracelet - red

FITLIFE M5 pulse blood pressure and blood oxygen meter smart bracelet with color OLED display

Interchangeable belt FitLife M5 activity smart bracelet with pulse pressure and blood oxygen monitoring sensor, plus not only displays but also answers incoming calls , can be used as a speakerphone when you’re not free to hold your phone. Of course, it also displays a number of notifications, monitors sleep quality , measures and saves activity data while maintaining a narrow, bracelet style.

The FitLife M5 is a compact, unisex bracelet with runtime on a single charge 3 -5 days . With its app , you can pair it with your phone so you can call it, see incoming messages , notifications , you can set alarms and activate many of the useful features within it.

Steps taken, distance, and calories burned: Thanks to the built-in G sensor , your device counts with great accuracy Calculates the number of days, meters, and calories burned that day.

Cardiovascular Measurements: The device provides complex, simultaneous images of heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen measurements . The measurement takes about 17 seconds, the accuracy of which depends largely on the measurement conditions: as with a medical device, it is important to keep the arm at rest, keep the arm at heart level, and place the device inside the wrist. half.

Sleep Quality Measurement: The device monitors the actual amount of sleep, which is finalized about an hour after waking up and can be viewed on the screen.

Multisport feature: From the three sport profiles in the bracelet (running, jumping, sitting), you can track your training effectiveness based on calories burned. Two more sports (walking, cycling) can be started from the app, but for these, the phone must remain within range of the bracelet.

Messages / notifications: Vibrate and display notifications for calls, SMS, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WeChat, QQ, Line, Whatsapp Caller information and 15-character notification details when an Bluetooth connection is active.

Other features: Change home screen (1 digital, 1 analog), phone search, remote camera control, alarm, activity reminder, silent mode.

FitPro: Like most smart devices, this device maximizes its capabilities with a downloadable app for your smartphone. The biometric data that can be entered refines the results of the measurements, which can also be viewed retrospectively. Alarm times can be set within the application, and the device search function or remote camera control, for example, can be started from here. The application is in English.

Package Contents:

  • 1 FitLife M5 Smart Bracelet

  • 1 special charger

  • 1 user guide

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43.45 $
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