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Dovilux smart watch - black

Dovilux smart watch - black
Dovilux smart watch - black
Dovilux smart watch - black
Dovilux smart watch - black

L13 LUX smart watch with a stylish look and feel

It's a nice-looking smart watch with a black or silver metal case and a range of (interchangeable, 22mm) straps. >

Multiple versions, with an ever-expanding list of watches (by the manufacturer).

Very feature rich.

Fitness, sports and health features
Heart rate measurement, pedometer, distance traveled, calories burned, sports (running, walking, etc.)

More health features
Blood pressure and oxygen measurement, motion reminder, sleep quality monitoring

Notification features
Incoming call alert app notification and SMS notification, incoming message display, call rejection, bluetooth call and music, speakerphone, phonebook, dialer, call recording

, time, date display, camera remote control weather, calendar, stopwatch

Not only does it display an incoming call, it can make the entire call via Bluetooth , so It also has a built-in microphone and speaker . You can, of course, make a call from the clock itself.

Obviously, if you can stream sounds, you can also play music, which can be not just an mp3 or something, but even some kind of music streaming app. can come.

Supports several different sports, including running, walking, etc.

Capture more data during sports:

  • distance

  • speed

  • heart rate, etc. depending on the sport

Your phone's GPS can be used to measure accurate distance.

The IPS touchscreen has a pleasantly large 1.3 ″ resolution with 240 * 240 pixels and variable brightness. It is a round display, so not just a rectangular display is inserted in the round watch case. The clock base is changeable and you have a choice.

Includes a mobile app (FUNDO) that you can set up and use more efficiently. Some functions can be used without any extra tools, such as pedometer or heart rate measurement, sports modes. The collected data can then be synced to your mobile phone or tablet later.

Battery Capacity: 290 mAh Li-ion

Charging: Magnetic

Charging time: ~ 2 hours



Weight: 50g

Strap material: Please note that the strap of the device is selected at random. < / span>

Package Contents:

  • 1 L13 Lux Smartwatch

  • 1 special charging cable

  • 1 user guide

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