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Slow cooker, multifunction cooker, 6L
Slow cooker, multifunction cooker, 6L
120.19 $

Slow cooker, multifunction cooker, 6L

Slow cooker, multifunction cooker, 6L
Slow cooker, multifunction cooker, 6L
Slow cooker, multifunction cooker, 6L

With our slow cooker, also known as our slow cooking cooker, you can make your favorite food faster and healthier! You can cook, bake and steam in it, saving time and energy. It cooks rice, lentils, peas, beans, soup and meat at lightning speed, steaks vegetables, reheats food and bakes cakes. The built-in warm-up function keeps food warm for up to 24 hours from the end of cooking.

How the slow cooker works

Have you heard of the slow food movement? The point is to protest against fast food and fast cooking and enjoy the food, cooking and flavors. One of the facilitators of this movement is the slow cooking pot. It helps keep vitamins, all the important nutrients, in your food, but you don't have to give up fast food.


The slow cooker cooks our food at a maximum of 90 degrees, thus retaining its nutrients. Unlike an oven and a hob, a gas stove is completely on its own. left: there is no need to be afraid of the house burning or the vessel being destroyed. The recirculated steam is returned to the food and becomes soft and juicy without exception.

It's infinitely easy to use: Put the ingredients in a bowl, add liquid and let the delicacies make their own. How easy is that?

The slow cooker works with a timer, so if you forget it, there's no problem: it turns itself off when the food is ready. can be served even after hours of lunch.

Important Product Information:

  • Input voltage: 220V ~ 50 Hz

  • Power: 1000W

  • Inner container capacity: 6 L

  • Inner coat: non-stick

  • Inner container size: Ø24 x16cm

  • Cooking time is adjustable

  • Operating pressure: 0-70 kPa

  • Max. pressure: 90 kPa

  • Stainless steel

  • Accessories: measuring cup, rice spoon

  • Network cable length: 120 cm

  • Pot wall thickness: 3 mm

  • Manual safety valve

  • Scale inside pan

  • Product Size: Ø34 x 37cm

  • Product Weight: 4.3kg

Package weight: 4.9 kg
Package size: 31 * 31 * 36 cm

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120.19 $
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