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Hector Smartwatch Black
Hector Smartwatch Black
83.59 $

Hector Smartwatch Black

Hector Smartwatch Black
Hector Smartwatch Black
Hector Smartwatch Black

S9 Smart Bracelet, Black

Key Features:

Touch screen, so it's a breeze to handle. Attach it to your hands and feel the elegance and versatility that comes from it!


  • 1.3-inch IPS color touch screen.

  • 240 * 240 resolution.

  • Step, kilometer, calorie consumption.

  • Sports mode: running, jumping, etc.

  • Health monitoring: sleep monitoring, heart rate measurement, real-time blood pressure measurement.

  • Smart Reminder: Loss protection.

  • Information notification screen (SMS / QQ / WeChat / Skype / Facebook / Twitter / Line / WhatsApp)

  • Waterproof: IP67 waterproof (can be worn in hand wash or rain, but not suitable for bathing. Hot water and salt water are prohibited.)

  • Battery capacity: 170 mAh, standby time: Approx. 30 days, charging time: approx. 3 hours, usage time: 10 days (actual time depends on whether the screen is always on and the frequency of the detection function).

  • Mobile system requirements: support for android4.0 and later, Apple iOS 9.0 and later, Bluetooth 4.0



  • Chip maker; MCUBE

  • Chip: MC4631 + MX1003


  • Compatible system; Android5.1 (inclusive) or later (iOS8.0)

  • Flash memory; RAM64KB ROM32Mb

  • Type: TFT

  • Screen size: 1.3 inches

  • Pixels: 240RGB * 240

  • Touch type: one touch

  • BT: BT4.0

  • Sensor heart rate: ST-17H25

  • Item Type: Lithium Polymer

  • Capacity: 170mAh

Software Features:
Steps, sleep , heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, training data, dial selection, daily alarm clock, photo control, weather information,
Find bracelet, time format, heart rate

Click here to download the app

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83.59 $
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