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Luxardo Women's Smartwatch Gold
Luxardo Women's Smartwatch Gold
100.31 $

Luxardo Women's Smartwatch Gold

it can also be worn as an exclusive piece of jewelry.

Heart rate and activity meter women's fitness smart bracelet to keep track of our daily activities!

Whether it's walking, training, health or sleep, the armband continuously records data that you can view on your smartphone via the fitness app. In addition to the steps you take, you can track your heart rate and calories burned with your device.

Reminder and alert features: make everyday life easier with adjustable reminder time, idle monitor, incoming call notification and loss and device search features.

Keep track of your biological characteristics!

It is often said that the XXI. The greatest value of the century is data and information . From smartwatches, we get all the data and information about the world around us. What about us? After all, we carry countless information and data on our own every day, and a smart bracelet can provide information about this data on a daily basis.

A smart bracelet isn't just about measuring your performance and efficiency while playing sports. The best benefits are that you can measure your daily activity and activity, monitor your bio-signals on a weekly / monthly basis, and assess what you need to do to live a healthier life. It constantly monitors your heart rate, blood pressure, calories burned, distance and steps taken daily, monitors your sleep quality, notifies you of fluid intake or medication intake, and also leaves you with “classic” smart features, notifying you when you receive a call or SMS. < / span>

Dynamic heart rate measurement

One of the most accurate heart rate and blood pressure fitness armbands. It has a dual optical sensor that takes two measurements at a time and, when combined with the biometric data provided in the application, gives an accurate 95% result.

You can use the sensors integrated in the back of the smart bracelet to measure your heart rate - select this measurement by tapping and tapping on the bracelet display, approx. It takes 15-20 seconds to perform the measurement, and the manufacturer guarantees 99% accuracy.

WearHeart English

The H8 Women jewelry smart bracelet comes with the Hungarian language WearHeart fitness application, with which we can measure a lot of data about our activity, about which we can compile daily / weekly / monthly statistics. < / span>

Multisport feature

Its unique feature is the Multisport feature. We find predefined movement profiles in the bracelet, which we can pre-set depending on what sport we are doing - as we move differently in a unit time for different types of movement, change our heart rate differently, burn calories at different rates, and so on. Setting these profiles in advance before you start moving will give you more relevant results.

Handy wrist setting

The jewelry smart bracelet comes with a handy screwdriver that lets you easily adjust the size of the bracelet to fit your wrist exactly.

The smart bracelet is waterproof, IP65 certified and can be used for showering, swimming and other water sports.


Color display
Heart rate measurement
Multisport feature
Activity measurement
Calories burned
Distance traveled
Accurate time display
Sleep Quality Monitor
Idle alert
Vibrating Call / SMS alert < / span>
Notifications (facebook, email, etc.)
Alarm , Reminders
Loss warning
Device Search < / span>
(IP65 Certificate)

Packing list:

1 * Luxardo Smartwatch

1 * User Guide
1 * USB Cable

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100.31 $
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