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Bacchus smart bracelet red
Bacchus smart bracelet red
34.92 $

Bacchus smart bracelet red

Bacchus smart bracelet red
Bacchus smart bracelet red
Bacchus smart bracelet red

F1 heart rate bracelet

Use this smart bracelet to keep track of your health .

Monitor your body's reactions as you exercise.

It's a great help for an effective workout to keep your heart rate range.

  • Small, compact design, almost invisible to wear

  • With the app installed on your smartphone, you can summarize all the information the bracelet captures

  • Features: Heart Rate Monitor , Pedometer, Distance Meter, Calorie Consumption Management, Sleep Management , Call reminder, Message reminder, Clock , Theft protection, Alarm clock

  • Blood pressure measurement feature! (The device is not professional, so the measured data is for information only)

  • Material: Plastic + Silicone Strap

  • Adjustable strap: 155-240mm

  • Bluetooth: 4.0

  • Compatible: iOS 8.0 or higher, Android 5.1 or higher

  • Display: 0.96-inch TFT LCD touch screen

  • Waterproof: IP64

  • Battery capacity: 85 mAh

  • Standby time: 3-7 days (depending on usage)

  • Weight: 20g

Package Contents:

  • 1 smart bracelet

  • 1 USB charger

If you're having trouble pairing your bracelet with your phone, try this app too: s? id = & hl = en

A smartphone is required to pair with the F1 smart bracelet.

A paper containing a QR code is included with the product. Based on this, you need to download the software (Wearfit) according to your phone's operating system.

The smart bracelet Non-linguistic, with icons in your menu system.

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34.92 $
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