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Radar detektor
Radar detektor
33.52 $

Radar detektor

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Safety Precautions
Use of this product is not suitable for violating traffic rules. It is intended to warn the driver.
Do not adjust the device while driving. This can endanger the driver and passengers and cause an accident.
Do not look at the screen for a long time while driving, carelessness can cause an accident. >
Connector performance should be DC12V.
Do not store the product wet. , in a salty or oily environment.
Do not leave the device in high temperatures for extended periods of time.
Use the product with the accessories included in the package to prevent damage.
The driver and operator are aware of the device and applicable laws.

Package Contents:

  • radar

  • power cord (DC12V)

  • anti - slip washer

  • instructions for use

  • Declaration of Conformity


UP: Press to increase volume

Menu: Press to increase brightness

DN: Press to decrease the volume. Pressing the button toggles between city and highway for more than 3 seconds.

Your device has automatically configured memory to save all default settings.

Default settings: highest volume / screen status highest brightness / set mode highway.

Mode: City

to warn the radar in city mode, press the UP button, the system will signal every 10 seconds and return to the initial settings when the radar signal is gone.

Mode: Highway

This is the default setting

Use the settings above to change the mode you want.

Switching on / off - plug the power cord into the cigarette lighter, start the engine, plug it in, the appliance is switched on.

Product ON / OFF - When the unit is turned on, the voice message indicates the GPS radar system, the radar signal is successfully connected.

Mode voice message - when the radar detects a fixed camera or reports a portable speedometer automatically.

Sound settings - Adjust the volume. Volume: High, Medium, Low.

Mode Receive - Press for several seconds and select Highway or City mode.

Mode City - In city mode, the device can receive signals from a variety of sources, continuously analyze and automatically evaluate and report measurements.

Highway mode - the device is sensitive to radar detection.

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33.52 $
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