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USB Lighter Never runs out!

USB Lighter Never runs out!
USB Lighter Never runs out!
USB Lighter Never runs out!
USB Lighter Never runs out!
USB Lighter Never runs out!

Connected to your computer's USB port and can be uploaded in 2 hours.

One charge allows you to light 100-200 cigarettes.

The USB connector is for charging only, no data storage available! Are you tired of scrap lighters that run out or go bad after a few uses?
You never know for sure that the next thread will catch you is it inflamed? Don't pay attention to its strength and the flame will burn?

Forget about crappy and dangerous lighters! With the USB Lighter, these problems are eliminated at the touch of a button!

The lighter generates hundreds of ° C electric arcs, which not even the strongest wind blows! As the name suggests, it can be charged from any power source that has a USB output. You can light up to 200 cigarettes on a single charge.
The high-performance polymer aluminum battery lasts for approx. Rechargeable 500 times. Electrically powered and environmentally friendly.

You can connect to a computer, cell phone charger and other charger if the output current is less than 3000 mA. When charged, you can light up to 200 cigarettes with it! Turns off automatically after 10 seconds of use!


1. Open the top of the lighter and press the button on the side.
2. Touch the end of the cigarette to the electric arc. Caution! Do not touch the electric arc as it will cause burns!
3. To charge, connect one end of the included USB cable to the lighter and the other end to a computer or smartphone charger. Charging is indicated by a red LED on the bottom of the lighter. Charging time 2-3 hours.


Do not immerse the igniter in water or any other liquid! > Do not touch the electric arc, it may cause burns!
If the battery runs out , the LED will turn red, in which case charge it immediately to extend the battery life!
To prolong the life of the product, do not use for more than 10 seconds at a time!

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