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Kitchen drip

Kitchen drip
Kitchen drip
Kitchen drip
Kitchen drip

Dishwashing is probably one of the most hated activities, even if it's unavoidable, even if you've already purchased a dishwasher. strong>

Anyway, the dishwasher is also very divisive, some people think it takes more time to load and unload than to wash. As many houses as there are!

This dryer can make it easier for housewives to dry after washing.

Dries on a cutlery, plate or glass quickly and easily.

The water dripping from the pots does not flow, but collects in the tray at the bottom.

The practical dish dryer is only 49 cm long and 37 cm wide, yet it will have room for everything!

The dryer holds space for cutlery at one end and glasses at the other end.

Bottom plastic tray collects water for easy removal and cleaning.

Four-piece: the top for plates, the bottom for larger dishes, glass cups, and the two smaller sides for cutlery and glassware. Suitable for drying lids or cups.

Product Size: 41 * 25 * 36 cm

Material: metal, plastic

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