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Orson X3 smart watch silver

Orson X3 smart watch silver
Orson X3 smart watch silver
Orson X3 smart watch silver

Migrate your smartphone for this practical and stylish smart watch!

You can put your smartphone's features right on your wrist, making your everyday life easier! This beautifully designed, sleek smart watch may seem like an average watch at first glance, but on closer inspection, it's not that average.

There is a micro USB port on the side of the stainless steel watch where the phone can be charged. Thanks to the sharp IPS LCD screen technology, the watch transmits a brightly colored, highly sophisticated, high-resolution, precise image.

Thanks to its built-in camera, you can view your own photos in class.

You can insert a SIM card into your watch or connect it to your phone via Bluetooth and start making and receiving calls with your watch . You can also sync your phonebook, call log, and messages.

With sleep monitoring and pedometer, you can keep an eye on your health!

The built-in speaker lets you touch your phone to listen to your favorite songs! p>

Key Features:
- SIM card / Bluetooth phone call (Bluetooth V2.0) / reply
- Messages
- Phonebook / call log / message / music sync

- Play music
- high resolution camera
-1.33-inch IPS touchscreen, 240 x 240 pixels
- Sleep monitoring < / span>

- pedometer, motion-free reminder
- Anti-theft feature:
If Bluetooth is turned off or the phone is out of Bluetooth range, the watch will alert you.
- Remote control phone camera:
You can easily implement remote control and capture every wonderful moment from any angle.

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