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Onboard and Reversing Camera Full HD English Menu - Dual camera event recorder to keep up the question.
Onboard and Reversing Camera Full HD English Menu - Dual camera event recorder to keep up the question.
67.12 $

Onboard and Reversing Camera Full HD English Menu - Dual camera event recorder to keep up the question.

Be safe first!

Many people today may feel that wolf laws are beginning to dominate traffic. The red light, the closing line, or the indexing are considered by many to be a kind of recommendation.

If an accident occurs, who will tell you who made the mistake? We don't have a witness, so taking a camera can provide security and help clarify the situation.

English Menu FULLHD Wide Angle Compact Car Camera - with Color Monitor + G-SENSOR Auto Start!
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Don't start without it! Everything stays in FULLHD!


  • Recordings are easy to play back anytime

  • Record in FULLHD quality

  • G-SENSORa will automatically start recording in the event of a sudden braking or accident! < / li>

It can serve as evidence of a possible accident or incident, as it captures every move in FULLHD quality and the recordings can be easily replayed at any time.

The adhesive bracket allows you to mount it securely and securely on any windshield.

Saves recordings to an SD card not included.

The best moments always happen on the go! If you don't want to miss out on these important moments, be sure to get this FULLHD car event camera!

Car route recorder FULLHD camera. A helpful companion records everything on the go, in the event of an accident or incident, and proves who was at fault in that situation.

The camera is easy to install and operate, and is easy for anyone to use. Take continuous video and audio while driving so you don't miss a moment! The device records on-the-fly events, which are saved to an SD card (expandable up to 32 GB), which you can easily copy to your computer or laptop, or connect directly to a TV via its AV out connector.

Blessed with a powerful suction cup, the camera is easy to mount on the windshield and capture high-quality images. When you start the car, the device switches on automatically and continuously records the moments. Not only can you experience the travel experiences in the car, but also the unexpected accident, which can play a crucial role in a contentious procedure! Plus, the camera is time-stamped, so it can be the perfect proof of a car crash! This multifunction recorder produces HD quality video, but you can also use it as a player, voice recorder (dictaphone function) and camera with its built-in battery!

Product Features:

  • Compact FullHD Car Camera

  • Wide-angle optics to capture everything

  • 2.4 "display for convenient viewing

  • High-quality FullHD (1080p) image capture for rich detail

  • 6 IR LEDs guarantee high quality recordings at night

  • Continuous shooting option

  • Set to start motion detection, reducing the size of the spells

  • has a G-sensor so recording starts automatically in the event of a sudden slowdown

  • Record to microSD card (not included)

  • Ultra-slim design

  • Compact size doesn't cover much of the field of view

Package Contents:

  • Camera

  • Suction cup holder

  • Car charger cable

  • Available in Gray, Gold, and Blue. Unfortunately, color selection is not available and will be sent depending on inventory.


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67.12 $
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