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Wifis light bulb panoramic camera use as a baby monitor too!
Wifis light bulb panoramic camera use as a baby monitor too!
61.26 $

Wifis light bulb panoramic camera use as a baby monitor too!

Use a Wi-Fi light bulb panorama camera as a baby monitor too!

Want just a good camera to use as a baby monitor?
Here's the solution!
You can solve all your problems in one fell swoop, you won't have to for this camera only, an HD security camera that you can screw into any E27 socket.
Be anywhere, anytime on your smart phone with an app to see what's happening in your apartment.
No matter how dark the Infrared night vision feature is, the camera will see everything!

Easy to install , just screw it into an E27 socket and plug it in strong> to your home internet network via Wi-Fi . strong> from the observed area.
Thanks to the 2-channel audio system (microphone, speaker), sound is also paired with next to the live video, so you can hear what's going on in the supervised area .
In order to keep its original function < The camera has strong> 3 built-in white LEDs
so it works perfectly as a light bulb .
Thanks to its excellent resolution, there will be no more blurred images, every little detail will be visible in the shots.
Plus, you can see the entire room at once with the panorama feature.

Fixer IP Camera: Records to an easy-to-set up / Micro SD card - max. 32GB /
HD resolution
Wi-Fi connection
Record audio, live, photo and video
Automatic night vision mode
Two-way connection - voice recording + speaker
Image quality: HD (960P), SD, Fluency
Extensive compatibility: Apple, Android, PC, Tablet
Size: 11 x 7cm
Screw-on E27
Can be used as a night light
Take a panoramic shot

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61.26 $
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