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puppy harness from 5 to 13 kg

puppy harness from 5 to 13 kg
puppy harness from 5 to 13 kg
Are you tired of all the harnesses being the same and you always see the same thing every time you go down the rut? !

The K9 harnesses have been developed for professional users: little dogs, helper knuckle dogs, bit bull dogs, vidla dogs - in short, working dogs.
These are special harnesses that can withstand extreme conditions. , durable, safe, yet comfortable for the puppy, practical for farmers.
Because professional users need professional tools.

Then it occurred to us that even “simple” users deserve professional quality. .
Your cat is not just a pet, but a loyal companion, a friend. He also deserves to get the best.
He may not be a workman, he may not have to face serious challenges in extreme circumstances, but it can still put him in a situation where flawless equipment is important.

Does your big star pull a lot while walking?
Then it's vital that you walk on a sling that doesn't strain your throat, but conducts force on your chest so you don't get drowned.
You're used to letting go. in the park or in the runner?
Then it's important that you don't accidentally get stuck in a bush and pull yourself out of any distress. Then a durable buckle that can withstand creases even below freezing is easy to turn on and off, yet weatherproof.

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