The USB microscope can be a very useful tool for gaining insight into the microscopic world around you. Magnifying 1600x is more than enough to see amazing details you wouldn't see otherwise!

The powerful microscope reveals the invisible microscopic world around you, perfect for curiosity, a little fun, but even serious examination of carefully selected samples.

With the smart microscope, you can take pictures of samples, take high-resolution 2560 × 1920 pixel still images and 640 × 480 pixel videos. For best results, you can adjust the camera's focus manually!

Made of durable metal components and electrical components, the camera is suitable for all uses. The kit also includes an adjustable metal stand for precise observations and a ruler for calibration.

Easy to connect with its universal USB connector. You can control the camera with your laptop or other device.

Camera functionality is even more useful thanks to the LEDs that provide ideal illumination.

Product Details :
Illumination: 8 Built-in LEDs
Image Format and Resolution: JPEG / BMP, 2560 × 1920
Video Resolution: 640 × 480
Interface and power supply: USB 3.0, USB 2.0, USB 1.1
Size: Camera 11 cm x 3.3 cm, tripod 7 cm x 8 cm