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Night vision goggles

Night vision goggles
Night vision goggles
Night vision goggles
Night vision goggles
Night vision goggles
Night Goggles HD vision goggles designed for safe driving, especially for night conditions. The special lens protects the eyes from dazzling light effects, disturbing flashes and tiring glare and vibration. The lenses filter out harmful light effects, color the cold lights that wear out the eyes, and increase the contrast, making driving safer. The eye does not get tired so fast, and you can see it more sharply and in detail at night, so it is recommended to use it in all respects in winter and summer, rain, fog, sunshine, snowfall, either day or night. Not only is it useful, but it looks good. Unisex, comfortable to wear for both women and men due to its low weight. Can be used anywhere in the long run, whatever the weather!
Benefits of the glasses:
- improves vision in limited conditions: fog, dusk, rain, snow, or night
- safer and less tiring driving
- 100% UVA / UVB protection (UV400) protects from the sun
- protects from the sun with a UV filter
- universal size
- modern design
- for women and men
- glasses dimensions: stem length 134mm, lens: 57mm x 48mm. Width 139mm
Function: Similar goggles have been manufactured for use with traditional 50-60 Hz monitors for office workers. In the past, vibrating computer monitors were extremely tiring on the eyes due to several hours of use. The yellowed, UV-filtered lens filters out, so when viewed through it, the pupil closes better, meaning that the light coming into the eye is not so disturbing anymore. While driving at night, the pupil opens better in the dark, so the light from the spotlights can dazzle, and the glitter and glare of cold xenon lights or roadside advertisements can be distracting after a while, not to mention fog, rain and snow. When using goggles when driving at night, the light from the oncoming cars will no longer be as dazzling and so it will not be tiring to drive in the dark. It can also be used in extreme weather conditions.
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