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Large tripod 100 cm

Tripod, Camera Tripod

Safe standing, great value

This tripod Tripod, Camera Tripod American stand has a stable center brace and attachment and weighting to ensure a stable standing position. It also holds a great camera, camcorder, or gauge . Equipped with a standard 1/4-inch connector , a 3-way head, and a quick-change plate for optimal meter fit. The head can be tilted to the side by 90 °, so even inclined levels can be adjusted. The non-slip and flexible rubber-soled soles on the foot help the user to eliminate unevenness in the ground. Quick and easy installation is ensured by a quick-release jaw. The panoramic ball head makes the tripod an indispensable accessory when it comes to securely mounting our cameras or taking accurate measurements. Pulling out the telescopic legs gives you a ideal height for comfortable 100cm work. To purchase a secure tripod, click the Add to Cart button to purchase the Tripod :

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